Hope and Support for Phil Hughes

Tonight Phillip Hughes remains in a critical condition in intensive care after undergoing emergency surgery in a Sydney hospital. The young Test hopeful was struck by a bouncer while batting for South Australia in a Sheffield Shield match at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Hughes was attempting to play a pull shot in response to a short-pitched delivery from young New South Wales fast bowler Sean Abbott. After being struck, Hughes staggered for a moment before collapsing unconscious face-down on the pitch.

The NSW players quickly responded to the apparent seriousness of the situation and a number of players, officials and medical professionals took heroic action to ensure Hughes was treated appropriately and taken to hospital. Hughes was medi-cabbed to the side of the field where he received mouth to mouth resuscitation. An emergency helicopter landed at the ground, but Hughes was rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance.

The global cricket community has been totally shocked by this traumatic incident. The match has been abandoned and well wishes continue to flood in from across the globe for Phil Hughes. Support has also been expressed for Sean Abbott and the rest of the players and spectators who were present.

Cricket Froth expresses its fullest sympathy and support to Phil Hughes’ family and friends, and along with the rest of the cricket community, is hoping for a speedy recovery for the talented and highly popular young man.

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